Have a "Pet Holiday" with your dog or cat!

Jesolo Camping Village is one of the few pet friendly campings on the adriatic coast of Veneto

Your pets will be welcome in our Jesolo Camping Village in Jesolo Pineta! It's one of the rare campsites and resorts where you can go everywhere with your dog.

You can walk in all the camping, let it stay with you in your mobilhome or on your pitch. Pets are allowed in circa half of the pitches, all Chalet Adria and Adria Light and in some Mobilhome Ciprea A and in our Mobilhomes Loggia Cavallino.

You can bring your dog in all the green areas of the camping, and much more! Here some facilities for you and your loyal friend:

  • You can go everywhere in the camping with your pet, except only the swimming pool area;
  • Specific products for the hygiene and the nutrition of your furry friend available in the market inside the camping.

Ask now for an estimate in the box "Search for your ideal holiday", stating in the Pets case how many pets will travel with you and you will get a customized offer for your family and your most faithful friend.

And don't forget a few easy rules for a safer and more relaxed holiday:

  1. Only small and medium sized pets are allowed;
  2. Pets are not allowed in the playground, on the beach, in the swimming-pool area and in the toilet buildings;
  3. Pets are not allowed on the beach;
  4. Guests have to show the pet health insurance at their arrival or on request of the camping team;
  5. Pets are allowed only in Chalet Adria and Adria Light and some Mobilhome Ciprea A and Mobilhomes Loggia Cavallino;
  6. Pets are allowed only in the specifically indicaded pitches, save exceptions made by the Direction;
  7. Pets must always be on a leash. Muzzle is mandatory only for aggressive dogs, but the owner always have to hae it with him/her;
  8. Pet owners are required to clean after their pet with the apposite shovel or waste bags and to make sure that thier pet doesn't disturb the others guests in any way;
  9. Owners are responsible for any damages caused by their animals to other guests or to any structure of the Camping;
  10. Pet owner must communcate the presence of their pet(s) at the moment of the reservation.

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